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Sunday, 23 November 2008

This video from Red Tube shows how powerful the Hitachi Magic Wand really is. Its almost better than men, but then I would have to do the DIY and mow the grass myself. Emma x

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Is it a virtual world we live in?

I am guilty of having Internet bondage. There. I thought I would reveal this as there has been a spate of virtual reality stories going around the papers and the web recently, so it is a current news headline for me to discuss. Before I reveal to you the gory details of my experience, I thought I would voice my own views on virtual worlds.

I find it sad that two people spend several hour of every day in a virtual world. I can only assume that they must be desperately unhappy or lonely people to do this. It's quite sad really. Yet some good did come of it. The good thing was they actually met each other there. They met up in real life and got married. Then they blow it and end up divorcing for real, because of a virtual affair.
I can't see how a judge can relate a cause of divorce to something that's not tangible. Irreconcilable differences yes. Wife beating yes. But but virtual affairs, come on! It seems madness.

There is something to be said for having an avatar or a character who is buff and darn fine to look at. But we all have lumps, bumps and cellulite. These characters aren't real and more than likely you, behind them, are just normal, everyday average people. Emotionally, I feel that there is nothing wrong with porn or the virtual world or what the have you, as long as you believe that it isn't real life. It's a big world to explore. If you don't have any mates, get out and try talking to people. Your conversational skills will broaden, your vocabulary will improve and you will make some mates, trust me. Of course you wont like or agree with everyone, but that's real life.

Fantasy, is just what it states on the tin, to quote a paint advert. It's escapism from the humdrum of the day, and we all do it from time to time. Yet the real world beckons us. Calling us back with a brutal crash down to reality; and unless you are a politician, back to common sense again. We have to return to jobs, chores, paying the bills and worrying what we are going to have for dinner tonight etc.

As I say, these are my views so if you want to discuss it feel free.

Now back to the Internet self bondage.

Three days ago , I was asked by a girl on Dailymotion if I wanted to be her Internet Damsel In Distress. I respond she is on the other side of the world, but she said so what, that didn't matter. What with Peter off on business this week, I thought what the hell, and consented.
I got my little bag of bondage goodies and we got online (18th Nov). First she had me stuff panties in my mouth and tape my lips closed - I used clean ones so I cheated. Then she had me tie my knees and ankles together whilst at the screen. I cinched them nice and tight. Well you have to do bondage right don't you.
Next, I was ordered to tie a nice snug crotch rope, with a knot right on my clit. (I am so naughty, I would have tied it like this anyway.)
Then to tie a tight breast harness. I wrapped the ropes above and below my breasts tightly so my breasts were pinched between the ropes and they jutted out all nice and taut. Then she ordered me to cuff my wrists at the front so I could still write at the key board.
After a while describing my feelings to her, and thrusting my clit onto the crotch rope, I had to bring myself off. It was late then, so I was ordered to bed and to sleep in the bondage, but I was allowed to remove the gag for safety (I had to put the idea in her head, it was the safe option). So I hop to bed up the stairs and the rope is cutting into my pussy while the knot is rubbing my clit on every bounce. I had to vibrate myself tree times to orgasm to get to sleep as I was that horny.

This morning I woke up very early with pins and needles and cramps in my legs and my breast are a little tender. I am not feeling at all guilty about what I did last night. I had wanted to be subservient for a little while, yet I was imagining it was Peter ordering me to do these things to myself. I was also doing it for me, and my pleasure, not for anyone else.

It is NOT a "virtual affair" even if I choose to do it again.

Happy safe bondage.
Emma x

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


I haven't been up to much recently, sorry if I haven't been in touch with you, email wise too. Work can be a bitch and ruin all things social, but it pays the bills in these troubled times.

Well I thought I would have a bit of controversy on who I selected for the favourite bondage model.
I included some newbies like Emily Addison and Randy Moore, who are little hotties, but haven't polled as many votes as I thought they would. They are fairly newish.

My readers have quite discerning tastes. I had excluded people such as Rachel Paine,CJ Belle,Stacy Burke, Nicole Sheridan and the lovely British gal Jasmine Sinclair to name a few.

I guess we are all suckers for the classic ladies of the bondage world. I would have voted For Christina Carter.

The thing we mostly agreed on was the hogtie as our favourite tie, but the polls still open.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Hood

I felt the steel cuffs circle my wrists. I heard the ratcheted click until I feel the bite of steel as it pinches against my flesh. Helpless hands, useless now; pinned behind my back.
My jaws ache from the large ball that was thrust forcefully behind my teeth. My tongue forced down yet I could still feel and taste the latex, as he tightened the strap another notch behind my neck. The ball pushed deeper into my mouth. I squeal, but to no avail.
I felt the tight leather hood placed over my head.
He stroked my hair back away from my face gently, before he enveloped me in darkness.
The hood adjusted slightly so my nose found the breathing holes, then his fingers pulled tightly at each and every cross of the laces. I felt the pressure of the leather as it clasps against my cheeks and as my ears were pressed to my head. Only darkness now, as I am left to my thoughts.
I can only just hear the faint jangle of the cuffs as I struggle to be free from my bonds, but my exertion only causes me to gasp deeply for breath. The drool from the ball in my mouth flows, and adds to the clammy hood, as the sweat pours from my brow from my struggles which are vain.