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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Girl tied and machine fucked.

I always have problems embedding clips.
You will have to click on the link to view it yourself.
Happy Bondage,
Emma x

Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Bondage Workshop - Bondage Pleasures For Women

Following on from my last blog post, it's time for the lucky female to go through a pleasurable time in bondage, whether you girls tie yourself up, or like to be tied up by your partners.

I have in the past tied myself up for the thrill of being bound and gagged, and then thought Oh! Is that it? By adding a vibe here or a sex toy there, it brings a whole new meaning to "a pleasurable bondage experience".

Now for a girl, it is a lot easier to do this as the statistics say about 60+% of us have a couple of buzzy sex toys as friends.

Now for you guys out there who think by us having a toy it makes you are inadequate, let me tell you straight. That isn't why we have them at all. Hell, some women have never had an orgasm in their lives. Some women just cant orgasm from a man's cock. This can be due to medical or psychological problems. There are quite a few of us who are repressed, and still think sex is dirty. Now that's straight, on with the fun bit.

Now when I am discussing bondage pleasure for women, I am going down the route of forced orgasms in bondage. For those that have tried it, it can be a pleasure at first to orgasm a couple of times, then we like it to stop. It then becomes a maddening experience and can be quite painful as you are tied up and cant turn off your toy. You are forced to orgasm until you can struggle free of your bonds or you are released.

Dildos and Vibrators.

Now we all know about dildos and vibrators? A dildo is the non vibrating sex toy. Both dildos and vibrators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some look like cocks, some just look weird and amazing. They also come in all sorts of wonderful materials like plastic, latex, acrylic, glass, metal.
Dildos are used like a solid cock. Lubed up, they slide in and out in the same manner as a guys. Vibrators on the other hand bring a whole new experience to our pleasures. They can be used just for insertion, but mostly are used in the same way as a dildo. Vibrators aren't just cock shaped vibrating tubes now. New designs come out every week. They now twist and squirm, have various controls settings. Some like the Rampant Rabbit (mmmm, I like this one) have an additional part that fits right onto your clitoris so us girls get clit stimulation as well as vibrating penetration. Its bloody fantastic used in the normal way.
So how do we use them in Bondage? Insert them and, add a crotch rope so they cant be pushed out. Then turn them on and be ready to squirm!

Vibrators don't have to be used internally. Placed directly on the clitoris and held in place, is almost as good. I have been known to shave myself and Duct tape a vibrator over my clitoris, or tuck one under a tight crotch rope. I have done this as it is, but I really enjoyed it this with a vibrator inserted in me as well.

Butt Plugs.

These are the same as dildos and vibrators only designed for anal sex. They have a flared bottom so they cant mysteriously disappear up a back passage. Again they can vibrate or just be solid and used to make you uncomfortably full up. If you guys are prepared to try these out for a bit of prostate stimulation, you will come by the bucket load. Use them with a pussy vibrator or dildo and a crotch rope for that extra stimulation.

Bullets, Eggs, Ben Wa Balls and Venus Butterflies.

Bullets and Eggs are small vibrators a few inches in length that are designed to be inserted entirely into you. I find this better in some respects when tying on my crotch rope. With no sticking-out bits, you can place a knot directly over the clitoris. When done up tightly and you are hogtied and need to crawl to the keys, this can add a painful/pleasurable distraction as it rubs directly on the clit.
The bullet is also wonderful to use when taped across the clitoris.
Ben Wa Balls are two balls tied together that have weights inside them. As you move the weights in the balls stimulate your insides. Perfect if you are tied and need to crawl or struggle your way across the room for the key of your handcuffs. You can also get them in vibrating form. Great for kegal exercises too. They can also be used as anal balls.
Venus butterflies are clitoral stimulation vibrators that have a strap-on harness for us girls. It is about the size of your palm. It is flattish vibrator with an extended ridge down the middle. This ridge is molded with all sorts of nubbins and little bumps. The ridge sits right between your pussy lips and directly over the clit to stimulate us this way. If you were to insert a vibrating egg and then this butterfly, it will drive you to all sorts of distractions. You probably wouldn't want to escape. You need to get a good one though, as my straps didn't fit me all that well and I had to fiddle about to get it just right.

Powerful Vibrators and Mains Vibrators.

I have to recommend the Hitachi Magic Wand in this category. Others are like the rechargeable cordless Wanachi Wand. They are over a foot in length and are really powerful vibrators. You can use then even through clothing. They have variable speeds too. These either recharge from the mains, or like the Hitachi wand, are powered directly from the mains power.

I have come up with a little way to use the Magic Wand as an orgasmic torture device. I bought a timer. These plug into the wall socket and have little depressions - 1 for every 15 minutes of the day. Tie the crotch rope around the bulbous head of the wand. Position the wand directly over the clit. Click the relevant time positions you want. Say 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off, for say an hour. Click on the cuffs and wait. The anticipation of it springing to life between your legs, and the shock when it does, is maddening. It is very torturous. I have mine on the lowest setting and it is still a very powerful vibrator. 15 minutes of this drives me nuts and makes me want to buck the thing lose. Then you have 15 more minutes before it comes to life again.

Ipods and the like . . .

Yep Ipods.
Listen to your music while you are all tied up. The IPod is connected to a special vibrator. Listen to some rock for a heavy vibe, or something soft for a gentle feel.

Sex Machines
These devices are exceptionally pricey. There are many on the market. There are two main types. The penetration machine that plugs into the mains and just hammers away into you. Great for a knee trembler or a spread eagle tie.
Then there is a Sybian device that works similar to the butterfly device above. Sit on it to stimulate yourself.
You could make your own Sybian device by taping the Venus to a basketball or low stool positioned between your legs. Then just sit on it and see what "Comes" up.

I hope you enjoy yourself and take some ideas from this.
Happy Bondage.
Emma x