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Monday, 25 May 2009

Sonia's Story - Part 3

Here is more of Suzy's story written by Soniatiedtight.
Enjoy. I did. E x

Sonia Story Part 3
Sonia Sleeps . . .

Sonia called her friend Emma and invited her over, telling Emma that she had two very hot ladies tied, gagged and waiting. Emma said, “Great I will be there in about an hour.”

Sonia checked her captives and said to them “I am going to the store for some wine for Emma and I, don’t go away. “ She said with an evil laugh.

Sonia walked to the store and returned. As she walked into the room she was astounded to see Tanya still tied but there was no Suzy.

Suddenly a cloth was placed over her mouth and struggle as she did; Sonia was unable to break free and slowly succumbed to the chloroform.

Suzy pulled Sonia into the room where Tanya was tied, and tied her wrists together and attached them to the rope from the ceiling beam. Suzy pulled the unconscious Sonia to an upright position, and then attached the spreader bar between her ankles. She then pulled the ceiling beam rope tighter until Sonia was on her tiptoes.

Suzy walked over to Tanya and said “I will untie you, but I want to have some fun with you first.” Suzy released the rope from Tanya’s leg spreader bar and pulled the rope from her arms tight leaving her on tiptoes like Sonia.

Suzy retrieved the pair of panties from the floor. Soggy and wet they were, as they were her gag before she escaped. Suzy stuffed them into the unconscious Sonia’s mouth and used a scarf to hold them in place.

Suzy inspected her handy-work. Both Tanya and Sonia were tied side by side, stretched from the ceiling, both on tiptoes. Tanya was mmmmmppphhhhing into her gag as Sonia started to stir.

Suzy said “I heard you on the phone to Emma. I will have a surprise for her when she comes.”

Suzy went to her room and returned with two very large square scarfs, a red one and a blue one. She went to Tania and tied the red one over her face as a full face mask. Covering her entire face. She did the same to Sonia with the blue one. Sonia started to stir and started mmmmppphhhhhhhh into her gag

Suzy unlocked the door and got the cloth and soaked it with more chloroform as she heard Emma arrive.
Emma knocked on the door, but there is no answer. Emma tried the door, which opened. She walked in and straight away saw the two fully masked women struggling in front of her.
She called to Sonia but got no answer. She did hear a lot of mmmppphhhing from one of the masked women. Emma walked over and removed the red scarf revealing the face Tanya. Thoroughly gagged and pleading with her eyes. “You must be Tanya or Suzie.” Emma then removed the blue scarf and was shocked to see it is Sonia. Very well gagged and trying to speak but only mmmppphhh was heard through her gag.

Before Emma could remove Sonia’s gag, she had a cloth clamped over her nose and within a minute she was unconscious on the floor in front of a gloating, smiling Suzy.

Emma Ambushed . . .

Suzy walked over to Sonia and fondled her pussy “I have plans for you and Emma, but first you will to be like your friend.” she said, as she pointed to the unconscious Emma.

Suzy held the bottle of chloroform in front of Sonia and slowly applied it to the cloth. She then held it over Sonia’s nose all the while fingering Sonia’s clit. Sonia struggled but the chloroform took effect and her head slumped down as she was overcome.

Suzy untied the ropes and lowered Sonia to the floor; Dragging Sonia over on top of Emma, she placed them in a 69 position. Suzy tied Emma’s wrists to Sonia’s ankles and Sonia’s wrists to Emma’s ankles. She then walked to her bondage box and returned with two very large ball gags and applied them very tightly to both girls.

Suzy walked over to Tanya, who was mmmppphhhing and struggling, seeing what had happened to the unconscious Emma and Sonia.

Suzy said” Poor Tanya, you are being neglected. We will have to do something about that” Suzy got down on her knees and put her head between Tanya’s thighs. She slid her tongue over Tanya’s clit keeping her excited, as she slowly brought her to climax.

Just then Emma and Sonia started to stir. Suzy said ”I had better look after these two also. I will release you soon Tanya, but not just yet. You have a lot more cumming to do first.”

Suzy slid a large vibrator into Tanya’s fanny and tied a crotch rope around her, to hold it in place. “There, that should do the trick. And now for these two.”

Suzy started to fondle Emma and Sonia. Soon their nipples became erect and their juices begin to flow as she massaged both their clits with her fingers. Suzy went to her box, returning with two large vibes, two butt plugs and a tube of lube, and two lengths of rope.

After lubricating both girls’ asses, she inserted the butt plugs and then slid a vibrator into both of their pussies, using the ropes to form crotch ropes to hold them tightly in place.
Both the vibes were switch to max, and Suzy used a vibe on her own clit as she watched the three girls struggling, cumming and mmmmpppphhhhing until she climaxed herself.

Suzy untied Tanya. ” What do you and I want to do to these helpless wenches now?”

To be continued.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sonia's Story - Part 2

Sexy Suspension . . .

Sonia returned and found the two girls just as she left them. They both started to struggle and mmmpppppppphhhhh as she approached. The room had a large beam in the ceiling, and Sonia threw a rope over the beam so that it hung down where Suzie was tied to the chair. Suzie’s wrists were untied from the chair and retied in front of her. The ceiling rope was tied to her bound wrists and tensioned, lifting her from the chair, stretching her arms above her head.

Her ankles were still tied to the chair legs and she mmmmmmmmmmpppphhhhed. Sonia untied her legs from the chair and attached them to a long spreader bar, holding her legs wide apart.

Sonia walked over to Tanya who was shaking her head and mmmmpppphhhhing into her gag, and removed her blindfold. She tied it as a headscarf very tightly under Tanya’s chin, making her gag even more effective. “You can see what I am doing to Suzy, and you will be next.”

Sonia went behind Suzy and rubbed her hands up and down over all her body, sliding her fingers into her pussy and her ass. Suzy struggled and mmmmppppphhhhed, but her torment continued. A vibrating butt plug was pushed into her ass and the control switched to max. Duct tape was then placed across the cheeks of her ass to keep it in place. Sonia pulled the ceiling rope tighter and Suzy was forced on to tiptoes.

Sonia knelt down and started to lick Suzy’s pussy. Suzy tried to struggle but her movement was very restricted. She could only mmmmmmmphh loudly as Tanya looked on in amazement at what was happening to her friend.

Sonia got out a large vibrator and slid it into Suzy’s pussy and turned it on, using more duct tape to be sure it stayed in place. Sonia removed Suzy’s blindfold and retied it as a headscarf under Suzy’s chin. Suzy was left tied with her arms stretched high, a spreader bar and standing on tiptoes while the butt plug and vibrator buzzed loudly inside her. Sonia rubbed her hands over every bit of Suzy’s body, tickling it with a silk scarf and making her writhe with pleasure.
Sonia then moved over to Tania, as she let the silk scarf slide gently over Tanya’s boobs. ”It’s your turn now Tania”, she said with an evil smile.

Tanya Tied . . .

Tanya’s legs were untied from the chair and her ankles were attached to a long spreader bar. Her wrists were also attached to another long spreader bar. A rope was thrown over the beam in the ceiling and tied to the centre of the bar attached to her wrists, and tensioned so Tanya’s arms were stretched upwards to their limit. The rope was then tied off leaving her also on her tiptoes.

Suzy was writhing around courtesy of the vibe and butt plug and had many climaxes, she was forced to endure, as she saw Tanya stretched to the limit in front of her. Sonia went to work on Tanya’s clit with her finger as she also rubbed a soft silk scarf over Tanya’s body.
Tanya although painfully stretched succumbed to the touch of Sonia’s finger and scarf and shuddered as she reaches her first climax. Sonia then knelt and let her tongue excite Tanya’s clit, making her cum a further two times.

“My turn for some stimulation now”. Sonia released the rope holding Tanya on her toes and now tied it to the middle of the spreader bar between her legs, making Tania sit on the floor as she tensioned the rope, pulling Tania’s legs high in the air and lifting her ass slightly off the ground. Just enough to allow a butt plug to be inserted in her ass. A vibe was then forced into her pussy, and these were taped in place. Tanya’s gag was removed and Sonia straddled her face, her pussy completely covering Tania’s mouth and nose. ”Make it good Tanya.” Sonia said, “Or you will be very sorry.” Tania had no option and Sonia climaxed three times before re-stuffing Tanya’s mouth and replacing her gag.

Suzy was still struggling and mmmppphhhhhing into her gag, as Sonia threw another rope over the beam and attached it to the spreader bar between Tanya’s arms. The rope was tensioned lifting her completely off the ground and leaving her suspended in mid-air above the ground.
Sonia stood back and surveyed her captives. “What to do next” she said. “I might have to get my friend Emma to come join in the fun.”

To be continued . . .