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Monday, 17 June 2013

Isolation Bondage - how long,and do you enjoy it?

Howdy, to all the guys and gals out there in Bondageland.
I have had a couple of questions from you avid readers, so I thought I would share them with you and see what you felt about the matter.

This is from a friend of mine and he emailed me as follows:-
"One of my fantasies is to be held prisoner by my Mistress, locked away for hours, trussed up, gagged and hooded. (Fantasies don't have risks)
But what are the practicalities? Would I really enjoy it or would I become bored?
How long could I cope with being tied up? I would be interested to hear about other people's views and experience.
How long do you yourself like to be left in bondage? Do you enjoy being left alone?
Perhaps it might make a subject for a future blog?"

These are very good questions so I open up the discssion on here. So come on all you bondage lovers, get your thinking caps on and see if you have the same feelings a I do.
Please feel free to email me as I always answer, or leave some comments on what you think.

Anyway here are my thoughts on the matter.

If you are using the time to try to free yourself, then you may not be as bored as if you were just strapped down to the bed and cant move at all. I would be more bored from the latter than the former. It's different if you are forced to orgasm, as this becomes painful after two or three times but it wont stop, and you are thinking evil thoughts of revenge between the bouts of orgasms. You lose a sense of time with forced orgasms as every part of your body becomes electric and super sensitive if you have an Hitachi magic wand strapped over your clitoris. You also need a really effective gag as you are screaming the house down after a while too.

It depends on the position you are tied as to how comfortable you will be and also whether you use ropes, cuffs, straps or some other thing to tie you.

Using handcuffs is quite brutal at times on the wrists and ankles. So in bondage, waiting for a partner or the ice release method to drop a key, can be quite mind numbingly boring as you cant get free from cuffs. This is a completely different mental state to when you are tied in rope. Mentally, I feel as if I can free myself; that a rope knot may be picked at with your prying fingers.

If there is no chance what so-ever of escape ie in metal cuffs and no key; there is no challenge as I am already beaten and I am more inclined to just wait for release. It's less painful to sit doing nothing as metal cuffs press on parts of the wrist that become painful over time if you are wriggling your wrists in them all the time. I am talking about the wrist bone here, on the back of your hands.

How long have I been tied for? I look forward to being in bondage and then having the position changed every so often as this is better and more stimulating than being in one place all day. My general thought on the duration is about half an hour in any one tie if you can struggle to get free. I have been hogtied for near to two hours, and have worn nipple clamps for an hour. These are my endurance records. I wont have the clamps on more than 10 minutes now, as my breasts hurt for four days after after that mammoth session. I put them on myself to try them out and to build up some resistance so that was my own fault.

I prefer to be alone after being tied. I get this damsel in distress mentality if bound with rope and gagged. I see it like this. There is no point in struggling with a witness evident,as they could make it tighter or more uncomfortable by adding more rope (not such a bad thing, but not if you are setting yourself a challenge to free yourself). Alone you have no one about to check how loose the ropes become and aren't going to re tie you. You get time to be by yourself with out distractions and you think more clearly as to what plans you should try to get free.

Do I enjoy it. Yes it's very sexual for me and I enjoy being bound. I think about it when I haven't been tied up for an age, and crave to do it.

If you have any thoughts or comments please drop me a line or leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Emma x