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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Happy decade to me - one of my first blog articles was about Dave Annis . . .

It's a happy birthday to the blog.
Its now just over ten years since I published my first article on the blog.
One of the first was about the great Dave Annis; bondage rigger and cartoon extraordinaire was my first post. He also gave me permission to include a couple of his cartoons on here. I am still amaze how he runs a bondage website, ties up the chicks, and still produces a story in every cartoon he creates.

There are plenty of up coming bondage events and awards. If you see his name on the list give him a vote.

Emma xxx

Dave's sites where you can check out his stuff:-

Royal Weddng, football or hooded and bound and gagged for the afternoon?

Well its been a while since I posted things here. New job after the nightmare position I was at before.
Its not really my thing so I am learning new skills so had to ease off on the bondage and kink malarkey for a bit. It sucks, how work gets in the way of what you want to do for the day lol

Anyway. Its the Royal wedding today and I seem to have missed most of that. (Dress was nice though lol and Harry seems the fun one of the lot of them and better looking too!)

Anyway, so what with their day taking up every bloody page and TV channel of news for the last month; and the football on this afternoon. It got me thinking.
Do I become a footie wife or just accept the fact I would prefer to have him tie me up tight so the pips squeak and then earplug and ballgag me; then hood me and leave me to struggle all afternoon?

Emma xxx