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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Remember the Batman series from the 60's

G'day out there in Bondageland.
Remember the Batman series from the 60's?
I remember the reruns anyway, growing up as a girl. It's one of the shows that got me interested in bondage.
You had Yvonne Craig as Batgirl), and Adam West and Burt Ward(Batman & Robin), and Julie Newar as Catwoman. She is the one before Eartha Kitt.
Batgirl and the dynamic duo were always getting into peril and getting tied up. Batgirl always got gagged too ;-))
Those were the days for damsel in distress tv. Nothing like what we have today. Ah well, never mind. Anyway here are a few pics and cartoons I found on the web to reminisce.
Happy bondage.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Simpsons

Gday out there in Bondageland.
I guess a lot of you have seen the Simpsons on tv.
I have been trawling the net today and was surprised how great a few of you are out there in webland, at drawing cartoons.
Here are a few pics that appealed to me, but have a look on Google for Simpsons images with the safe filter off, and there are a whole heap of rude and naughty ones too.
Emma x

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Milkomatic - from Flickr

Originally uploaded by MistressRouge
This amused me, so I had to share it.
Okay boys whos up for it . . .

Emma x

Monday, 23 November 2009

The Bondage Workshop - Three Spreader Bar Self Bondage Tie

Gday out there in Bondageland.
I have been a bit sexually frustrated for a while as it's been that time of the month again, but today I made up for that with a self bondage tie using my leather collar and cuffs and three spreader bars.

I put the keys on the floor by the farthest wall in the back room dining room, and went upstairs to the bedroom to prepare. Usually I get naked when I do a bit of self bondage, so I put the central heating too, seeing as its winter. Well, you wouldn't want a girl to freeze now, would you? lol.

I put on the collar and padlocked two equal length spreader bars hanging down the front of the collar. These spreader bars had a screweye in the centre dividing the bars in half.

Just in case I couldn't get out, I also had the padlock Key locked to the collar on a key chain. I cant reach the key at the collar, so don't panic, I didn't make it that easy to get out! It was just in case - for when Peter got home - it would be there to unlock me if I couldn't unlock myself.

I put on the leather ankle cuffs and padlocked a two foot spreader bar between them, but also connected the loose end of the spreader bars hanging from the neck collar before snapping the padlock shut. This created a wooden triangle from the neck to the ankles.

I quickly gagged myself with a 1&3/4 inch ball gag. I prefer the strap to be a couple of inches wide on my ball gag for some reason. It keeps the ball firmly behind my teeth and it is impossible to spit out. (I seem to have gone off the thin strapped one, don't really know why.) I instantly started to drool down my chin.

I strapped on the wrist cuffs, but before I locked the wrist cuffs to the spreader bar I slipped some lube on my little butt plug, and trusty silver vibrator, and slipped them both into me. I tied them firmly in place with a nice tight crotch rope, and turned them on.

I padlocked my left wrist to the centre of the left spreader bar easily, but with such a tiny padlock I had a lot of problems trying to padlock my right wrist to the centre of the right spreader bar. Eventually I got it locked, just before the first orgasm hit me. I mmmphed into the gag as the orgasm hit me and the drool started to dribble from my chin onto my breasts and chest. How ever much I love ballgags, I just cant stand dribbling all over myself. I guess this to some people is erotic, seeing a damsel drool over herself.

Coming down from an orgasmic high. I had to now edge my way along the bedroom floor to the stairs. Every time I moved I was edging my feet forward a few inches, and then moving my bum forward afterwards. I could feel the butt plug and the vibe moving inside me with every jolt and bump and soon I was cumming again.

I had to be vary careful as I edged down the stairs one bump at a time. I found this hard, as the stair depth was a little more than I was moving on the flat floor. I could feel the ankles pull on the neck spreaders and pull the collar down. (I never tighten my collar tight, and could easily slip my finger between the leather and the skin on my neck, so breathing wasn't a problem.) It was the last step that was the hardest as I had to slide my feet out into the hallway and slide off the last step onto the floor. Last bump and another orgasm.

Edging along the hallway to the dining room I kicked the door ajar and entered. I had to wind my way around the dining room table to the far wall to get to the key.
This was the most difficult part. I eased myself to the side of the key and had to move it away from the wall with my toes. Moving away from the wall a little I then had to fall on my side to pick up the key up with my hand. That's when I had my third orgasm. It was a really funny position to be in on my side with one ankle on the floor and the other foot trapped 2 feet up in the air. I managed to ease the key into the padlock and uncuff my left wrist followed by my right then the ankles.

I sat on the floor for a bit still gagged and drooling, as I undid the crotch rope. I freed my silver vibrator from its moist damp "dungeon" and playing with my clit I finished myself of with a terrific fourth orgasm sliding the vibe in and out of me as the plug still hummed it's tune in my ass.

After turning off the vibe and the plug I had to have a little lay down to recover.

Happy Bondage,
Emma x

Osvaldo Greco - a great cartoonist

I found these on the Flickr website and had to link them in. Osvaldo Greco is a great cartoonist.
Enjoy. Emma x

Wednesday, 18 November 2009