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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Ballet Boots

I have just received a lovely paid of soft leather ballet boots in the post. Now I have been intrigued by some lovely ballet boot bondage pictures I saw on the web the other day, and thought I would give it a shot at getting tied up in them, so on a whim I bought these 7 inch heeled badboys.

Putting them on on the sofa was lovely, I just loved the feel of them on my legs and the way my toes were pointing out straight in front, but getting up and walking in them is a bloody killer on the toes.
Yep I took a little tumble too, but the boots are still lovely and intact but I cant say the same for my knee and the new bruise I have on it lol.

I have started walking about in them by holding myself up and walking around in them for 10 minutes a day in a hope of building myself up to walking about in them unassisted.

So if any of you have some, and want to share some tips on how you got used to them or even if you just use them to have naughty sex in them becasue you dont use them for walking, drop me a note as I am in need of some friendly advice.

Emma x