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Sunday, 5 April 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19

This has been the second weekend with a bit of decent weather.

There are plenty of people who like the outdoors and are going bonkers wanting to be outside in the open and are missing their friends and families. MOST and I say again most of us realize that staying away from people prevents the spread of any germs and bugs going around.

Its the social thing to do, and the right thing to do.

Okay you all support the NHS and the doctors and nurses, bin men, home delivery and supermarket workers.You all proved that by supporting online social events like quizzes for charity and banging your pots and pans and clapping at 8pm every Thursday night.

So why the hell are you all acting like a sandwich short of a picnic basket going to the bloody seaside and national parks for the second weekend in a row and mixing with people and sunbathing on the beach?

You get into someone else's space and they cough or sneeze. Coughing and sneezing is basically all your saliva and mucus projectile evacuating from your mouth or nose with any nasty bugs shooting out in a microscopic spray that will then float in the air and get on someone else from quite some distance away.

And yet the Muppet brigade have decided not to sunbath in their gardens. They want to go to public parks and beaches and come into a close proximity with each other; like the bug wont kill you because it is a sunny weekend!

Every weekend you go out and endanger your loved ones and others damaging all the good self isolation you have been doing during the week. In a nutshell the people that do this are selfish and you need to stay the fuck away from me and my family.

Everything is going to change from this. There will be more office staff working from home in the future. Offices have slowly started scaling down office space. This bug will make people think they don't want to go to the office. The construction industry will have to slow down as there becomes a glut of buildings unfilled. That will impact on the economy etc etc. A catch twenty two situation where the country may end up in a recession.

The good thing is that we have all realized that we are relying to much on one supermarket visited by thousands of people and we may start going back to the fruit and veg shops, the bakers and butchers and wet fish shops.

Will the high street recover from the slow decay its been under for the last 25 years? I don't know, but it is encouraging that already people have signed up to milk rounds delivering the milk, eggs, bread and other essential basics. But they also have added toilet rolls and compost. The "milk" delivery round has already adapted to changes in customer demands. I expect to be stuck behind the little electric milk floats again only this time I wont complain how slow they go.


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